​It has been a while since the last time I posted an entry here. And since this is my fangirling page, I would like you all to meet my new OTP

Kisses Delavin and Edward Barber a.k.a KISSWARD.  Both are from Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 teens and are part of the three lucky suns who will still compete to be hailed as the Big Winner of the season. 

Tho they’re not really a love team since both are being paired with someone else, there are still people like me that saw the undeniable chemistry of the two. The pans as what we call ourselves as KissWards supporters/fans are trying our best to make them as an ofc lt. I know its still a long way to go before a pair could become as ofc like KN, LQ and JD.  Well, thats the reason why we keep figthing eventhough at times we are taken for granted (e.g pbb management)
Anyhow, whatever happens, we will still continue to support them, individually (except when being paired with people they’ve been paired now) or as an LT. 



So here’s why nothing ever happens to them (JQ)


I can’t just ignore this photo.  This prove something to me.  I mean kaya pala walang nangyaring ligawan or something like that between and Quen and Julia M dahil biglang na-divert ang atensyon ni Quen kay Liza. When in fact, obvious naman during MBAP na attracted si Quen kay Julia. And they really have an undeniable chemistry together. But well, we can’t do anything about it. It’s Quen’s life. Labas na lahat ng fans doon.

Pero sa totoo lang talaga my JulQuen heart is breaking now. I’m still rooting for them. I still want them together. Pero what can I do? He’s in love with her. And as much as I hate to admit, Liza is really such a nice girl and she’s really a good catch, too. Kaya, sige na nga. Hindi ko na ipagpipilitan na magkatuluyan si Quen at Julia Montes in real life. Isusuport ko na lang si Quen diyan sa feelings niya kay Liza. Basta ba, makita ko lang sila ulit sa T.V together. I hope that they will have a project together again. Pero parang kahit ito ay malabo ng mangyari. Knowing how Forevermore is doing right now. Parang i-pu-push na talaga nilang maging permanent loveteam and LizQuen. Pero sana hindi diba?

Hay, sometimes naiisip ko na tumigil na sa pagiging fan ng JulQuen. Pero hindi ko kaya. They’re the first LT that I ever supported and I think no matter what happens, forever ko na silang mahahalin na dalawa.

Will they bring back JulQuen? I really miss them already.

To: My First Love

Dear My First Love,

I guess it’s time for me to let you go. Even though you are not mine at the first place. We were just friends. And those memories are just simple memories of our childhood. I badly want to keep my memories of you. But I guess it’s not right. You’ve moved on with your life. You are happy. And I should be, too,right? So, here’s my goodbye.

Good bye, my first love. Good bye…



Sean O’Pry is <3


Yup, I have a serious case of having a crush on this BLANK SPACE guy. Even before Sean O’pry is featured in Tay’s music video, I already have a crush on him. And then the music video happened and everyone knows him already. <insert broken heart here> I am not saying that he’s not well known before the music video was released. It’s just that mas marami na ngayon ang nakakakilala sa kanya. All over the world. And I guess, there a lot of girls who are having a crush on him too.  Sad for me but its good news for him. And I am happy. Especially right now that he’s been added to the ambassadors of Penshoppe.

First, it’s Cara and now it’s Sean. Pag ito talaga dinala ng Penshoppe dito sa Pinas pupunta talaga ako kahit makisiksik ako sa maraming tao.

ps. what about Tyson Ballou? I also like that guy.


Congratulations PaulTin! Happy Engagement!!!


I am not an avid fan of Miss Toni G but I really do like her since the first time I saw her on T.V. Dati gusto ko lang siya dahil nakakatawa siya but actually she’s more than that. She’s not just funny and witty but she’s a woman full of wisdom and good values. At alam mo na she deserves all the best in this world. And finally, she’s getting married!

I am one of millions of people who are happy right now for Miss Toni. She’s engaged! And she’s engaged to a man who she deserves and who deserves her.

Congratulations to Miss Toni and Direk Paul. I wish you all the best! Wedding of the year, I am sure and wedding niyong dalawa! Congrats again! May all the love in the world goes to both of you!

p.s Sana si Alex naman ang susunod na makahanap ng for keeps na love life. Para happy na ang pareho ang love life ng Gonzaga sisters!


SephLex feels!




It doesn’t need words to see how they are made for each other. I’m blabbering, I know. But, jeez! They are just so bagay. As in. Miss ko na tuloy silang makita ulit in a project. Kailan ba kasi sila bibigyan ulit ng project together ng Abs-Cbn? Sana the soonest na. Para mas masaya na ang mga SephLex!

P.S the last picture is my favorite. Oha, anong sabi niyo sa back hug? Parang mag-on lang ang dalawa. Cute! ehehe


Oh My G!


Actually hindi ko napanood ang isang buong linggong episode nang Oh My G! dahil may duty and class pa ako but I think sa mga nababasa ko sa twitter the show is doing great. Ha, so proud of Marlo and Janella! Parang kailan lang ng nasa Please Be Careful with My Heart pa sila. Mga supporting roles lang but look at them now. They are the lead actors of their own project. Talk about real talent and promising future. Sana sa susunod Duet Album naman!

Will watch them na in Feb dahil tapos na duty ko nun. Yes!!!

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