MarNella’s first MMK episode “CARD”

Who would have thought that their first team up as a love team outside the hit series Be Careful with my Heart would be this successful? Indeed, they had proven that their love team is not only just for BCWMH but they can make their fans and non-fans go kilig even when they portray other characters/roles.



  Janella Salvador known for her role as Nikki Grace Lim had played  the character of Felynit Gallego while Marlo Mortel known for his role as Nicolo Angelo Cortez had played the character of Celo Magallanes during the February 22 episode of MMK. Both are rivals in school but they end up loving each other. This a sweet story of high school life and young love. And how can your dislike for a person turns  to love.

After their successful team up in MMK, Marnella is indeed a love team now. Hope that starmagic and Abs-Cbn will give them more projects together because people are loving them more than before. 

Credits: Marlo Mortel and Janella Salvador facebook fanpage and marlo_mortel’s instagram account


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