Diary ng Panget the Movie!



To be honest, when the cast was revealed I’m kinda worried if they can give justice to the characters and to the story itself. I’ve read the book and I know how good and funny it is. So as a reader and a fan of the book, I’m a little bit doubtful if the movie will turn out to be as good as the book. I don’t want it to end up like any other movie adaption. Sayang kasi! But seeing the official movie trailer just awhile ago, I think that they did a good job.

The trailer was really funny and very interesting. The four lead stars fits the role of each of the characters. James Reid suits the character of Cross Sanford. He has that aura that so Cross-ish. I mean just look at James and you see Cross Sanford alive. While going to the girl who’ll play as Eya Rodriguez. Yeah, that’s Nadine Lustre. Honestly speaking, I never imagine her playing as Eya. I’ve watched her once when she is still paired with Aj Mulach and….sorry she didn’t made any lasting impression on me back then. But seeing her in the trailer of DNP, well, I change my mind. She’s good. I love how she played her role. She’s funny, really really funny. And James and her looked good together. Bagay!  And going to Yassi Pressman, I know how good she is when it comes to dancing but I never seen her act but I guess she fits the role of Lory. Andre Paras who will play as Chad, the cool guy who loves Lory and the high crush of Eya, is the true newbie when it comes to acting. I have no opinion with this guy. Let’s just see how will he give justice to Chad’s character.

I know many people especially teens are excited about this movie. And yeah, I am one of those. I really can’t wait to watch. So here are some of my favorite scenes yet. This one is based on the trailer that by the way I watched three times. Opps, I think it’s four times already. Hehe.

1. When some girls said ‘Ambitious frog’ and Nadine said ‘Kookak’ then jump like a real frog. I just find it funny.

2.When James give Nadine fifty pesos then she shout on him. Like duh~ she just shouted her boss or shall I say alaga?

3. When James said ‘Pag di ka dumating. Patay ka sa’kin!’ then Nadine just stuck her tongue to James. It’s cute.

4. The bed scene. Opps, don’t get me wrong it is not the bed scene that you think. It’s a wholesome scene, I think. Hahaha.

5. The walis fight.

6. When James told Nadine she’s beautiful and the latter ‘eat’ the crumpled paper she’s holding. Haha. Its both kilig and funny scene.

7. And lastly, my most favorite scene that I can’t get over… when they were soaked in the rain and James hugged Nadine and said “Huwag kang maarte. Hindi ka maganda!”  I love how he said it. It so Cross. Hehe.


Here’s the link if you want to watch the full trailer of DNP —-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCSKS3iurdk

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5 thoughts on “Diary ng Panget the Movie!

  1. Hi there! Have you seen the movie already? I’d love to hear your review about that. I’ve been hearing that there were lots of scenes not in the movie, like the boy bawang scene, the shooting star moment and even Yvette!

    1. Yeah, I have seen the movie. Yes, there are lots of scenes na hindi nila isinama sa movie. It’s a little bit a disappointing pero maganda din naman ang kinalabasan ng movie. It was really funny and I must say na nagampanan naman ni James and Nadine ng mabuti ang mga characters nila. Pero bilang isang book fan, it’s still disappointing na hindi mapanood ang mga inaasahan mong eksena. Pero ganun naman talaga kapag ginagawang pilikula ang mga libro. It will always be change. 🙂

      1. I have seen the movie online. Ay grabe malaki ang disappointment ko. Well, sa main cast, okay bagay sa kanila ang roles. Si Lustre, she owned the role of Eya. Pero kay James, nakulangan ako ng angas eh. Pero, sa overall quality talaga ng film, it’s a big flaw for me. hehe. I posted a review on that. Eto oh..lol #shamelessplug


        I hope yung mga sinabi ko dito ay napansin mo rin 🙂 Have a nice day!

      2. I agree with you. Hindi maganda ‘yung masquerade ball. Masyadong binilisan at saka hindi ko na naramdaman ‘yung kilig sa scene na iyon. At nawala din iyong scene na naghabolan sina Eya at Cross tapos naiwan ng huli ang isang sapatos niya. At saka, yung boy bawang nawala rin. Iyon pa naman ang isa sa hinintay kong scene. Hindi din maganda ‘yung sa cemetery scene nila. Ang bilis tapos nawala ‘yung mamang lasing. Pero kilig din naman siya lalo na ‘yung body heat. At saka bitin ‘yung ending. Wala pa ‘yung issue na magkapatid pa sila. Do you think may 2nd part pa kaya ang movie?

  2. I don’t wanna bet on the possibility of a sequel. But, if you’ll ask me if I want one, H’WAG na uy! Baka ma-bash ko na ang Viva Films niyan. LOL. I mean, okay bumenta sa takilya kaya pwedeng gawan pero naman kasi! Wrong choice sila ng direktor. Bwiset!

    Oo tama yang mga sinabi mo wala yan. Tska yung issue na baka twin siblings sila, wala sa book version yun kasi sinadya talagang alisin ni Denny yun. Wala na kasi si Memo sa books.

    Hay. Tapos na ako sa DNP. Congrats na lang sa pagkablockbuster nun. Pero hindi yun yung tipong pag naisipan kong manood ng past movies eh pipiliin ko yun. Kasuya ang quality!

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