The Boys Next Door

 Daniel Padilla

ImageHailed as the Teen King of primetime TV and known for his characters in Got to Believe and Princess and I. Daniel Padilla is indeed one of this generation fast rising star. But oops, he’s not just a good actor but also a good singer. He had already proved his worth as a recording star when her 1st and 2nd album were successfully accepted by the people. No wonder he filled the Araneta Coliseum during his first major concert last April.  And also with his oozing charms and sex appeal, there’s no doubt how he makes teen girls go gaga about him.

Enrique Gil 

ImageEnrique Gil is considered as this generation’s Next Ultimate Leading Man and with an exceptional talent in dancing; he is also named as the KING OF THE GIL. It’s really undeniable how famous this guy is. Everybody loves him. Especially girls. He’s just really irresistibly hot that girls can’t stop screaming whenever they see him.


Marlo Mortel


 Marlo Mortel known for his role as Nicolo in the hit series Be Careful with My heart is a previous talent of GMA 7 and became part of the teen oriented show Tween Hearts.  Just recently, he just did his first MMK together with his Be Careful with My Heart love team Janella Salvador that gained 32.1% landing them first spot on the National T.V rating.

Marlo may not have Daniel’s charisma nor Enrique Gil’s hotness but for sure he has his own charms that make his fans love him.  Hopefully, we will see more of this guy in the future.


Joseph Marco

Armed with an undeniable charisma and sex appeal, Joseph Marco is making a great big step in his career through portraying such impressive characters of Red in Talk Back and Your Dead and Dave Martinez in the hit korean drama adaptation Pure Love. Indeed, this hot guy is a Matinee Idol in the making. He’s not just a pretty face but an actor to watch for.


credits to the owners of the photos


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