Diary ng Panget the Movie Insigths

I should have posted this ions ago but then I got so busy and can’t find time to write. But here it is…

Story-wise, medyo sablay but I’m not saying that the movie isn’t good. It’s just really disappointing not seeing the scenes that you expected to see in the movie.Especially the boy bawang, I really expect to see that but well, never mind.  Pero nabawi din naman nila iyon dahil nakuha nila ang element ng book na nakakatawa. Sa mga gumanap naman, just like I’ve said on my previous post. The characters fits for them. Especially, Nadine Lustre who owned the character of Eya very well. James, still, I stick on what I said, he is Cross himself kaya lang medyo sablay yung mga tagalog lines niya. Yassi on the other hand, I like her fashion. Ang ganda-ganda niya sa movie at okay lang naman ang pag-act niya. Si Andre naman, well considering it’s his first time, okay lang. Nakakatawa din naman siya though minsan o.a ang acting niya but then again he’s just new. Let’s all give him a chance.

It may not be well-adapted (Just like any adaptation) but I really honestly think that the movie is good. It’s a job well done for all the makers. And Congratulations to Denny! It’s a success!



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