JulQuen is for Julia Montes and Enrique Gil




I don’t hate Julia Barretto but I’m not a fan either. I don’t really mind she’s paired with Quen right now. But what really irritates me is when her fans used JULQUEN as their fan groups name. Come on, I’m sure her fans knows that JULQUEN belongs to Julia Montes and Enrique Gil right?  Can’t they just used another name? QuenLia is a good name. They should stick to it and leave JulQuen to JM and EG’s fandom. 

At saka huwag namang paasa ‘yung mga tao dyan. Kapag sinabing JulQuen dapat Julia Montes at Enrique Gil okay. And please,when introducing Julia,either of them, sana naman lagyan nila ng last name para hindi malito ‘yung mga fans. Nakaka-asar kasi kapag hindi ‘yung Julia na ini-expect mo ang nakita mo eh. 

#JustSaying #TrueNaman


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