I’ll always be a fan of Pure Love. Either its the original (Korean) or the adaptation (Filipino). I just love the story and the plot twist. I like how each characters gives you the feel. Watching Pure Love is always a roller coaster ride. Every episode is always a surprise. When I first heard that Abs-Cbn will be going to adapt 49 Days (the original title of Pure Love) I was really excited. And then I found out that Alex Gonzaga will be part of it though I wasn’t sure what would be her role. Until other cast were confirmed as well as their characters. I agree Matt Evans fits for the role of the Scheduler. I wasn’t quiet sure about Yam Conception ’cause I didn’t see her act yet before Pure Love was aired. Also with Arjo Atayde, I didn’t watched him before Pure Love. While Yen Santos, I’ve watched her on MMK and gosh she’s good. I knew she can pull Ysabel’s character and I am right. She’s proving that she deserves this break in her career and she really has a place in show business. Joseph Marco on the other hand. Well, he’s quiet my favorite. I just like Joseph and I like him even more because he was portraying my favorite character in Pure Love. And honestly, I am addicted to his love team with Alex Gonzaga. They’re really cute together. I’m happy that he got the role of Dave. He nailed it. Somobra pa nga! Ehehe 🙂

Right now, Pure Love (Philippine adaptation) receives a lot of good feedback from viewers. And seriously, I am not surprised. They’ve done a really good job in adapting the original story. Even though there are a lot of differences they didn’t ruined any element of the original drama. They stick to the plot and even give more emphasis of some details that the Korean drama failed to give. You will appreciate the story even more because of what they add. And gosh, the throwback moments of Diane and Dave are the best. Its funny and super kilig. I think most of the fans will agree that Alex and Joseph have the chemistry together. Actually even Yen and Joseph have a chemistry. Though I stick to Dave-Diane LT. Ahehe. Yeah, favorites.

Anyways. to end this blog post, I just that the Pure Love team will continue to do their best. And, if ever its possible I hope that they can change the ending. If not, well, its okay. At least, make Dave and Diane last moment really kilig and sweet.

Good Nightie 🙂



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