Congratulations PaulTin! Happy Engagement!!!


I am not an avid fan of Miss Toni G but I really do like her since the first time I saw her on T.V. Dati gusto ko lang siya dahil nakakatawa siya but actually she’s more than that. She’s not just funny and witty but she’s a woman full of wisdom and good values. At alam mo na she deserves all the best in this world. And finally, she’s getting married!

I am one of millions of people who are happy right now for Miss Toni. She’s engaged! And she’s engaged to a man who she deserves and who deserves her.

Congratulations to Miss Toni and Direk Paul. I wish you all the best! Wedding of the year, I am sure and wedding niyong dalawa! Congrats again! May all the love in the world goes to both of you!

p.s Sana si Alex naman ang susunod na makahanap ng for keeps na love life. Para happy na ang pareho ang love life ng Gonzaga sisters!



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