Sean O’Pry is <3


Yup, I have a serious case of having a crush on this BLANK SPACE guy. Even before Sean O’pry is featured in Tay’s music video, I already have a crush on him. And then the music video happened and everyone knows him already. <insert broken heart here> I am not saying that he’s not well known before the music video was released. It’s just that mas marami na ngayon ang nakakakilala sa kanya. All over the world. And I guess, there a lot of girls who are having a crush on him too.  Sad for me but its good news for him. And I am happy. Especially right now that he’s been added to the ambassadors of Penshoppe.

First, it’s Cara and now it’s Sean. Pag ito talaga dinala ng Penshoppe dito sa Pinas pupunta talaga ako kahit makisiksik ako sa maraming tao.

ps. what about Tyson Ballou? I also like that guy.



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