So here’s why nothing ever happens to them (JQ)


I can’t just ignore this photo.  This prove something to me.  I mean kaya pala walang nangyaring ligawan or something like that between and Quen and Julia M dahil biglang na-divert ang atensyon ni Quen kay Liza. When in fact, obvious naman during MBAP na attracted si Quen kay Julia. And they really have an undeniable chemistry together. But well, we can’t do anything about it. It’s Quen’s life. Labas na lahat ng fans doon.

Pero sa totoo lang talaga my JulQuen heart is breaking now. I’m still rooting for them. I still want them together. Pero what can I do? He’s in love with her. And as much as I hate to admit, Liza is really such a nice girl and she’s really a good catch, too. Kaya, sige na nga. Hindi ko na ipagpipilitan na magkatuluyan si Quen at Julia Montes in real life. Isusuport ko na lang si Quen diyan sa feelings niya kay Liza. Basta ba, makita ko lang sila ulit sa T.V together. I hope that they will have a project together again. Pero parang kahit ito ay malabo ng mangyari. Knowing how Forevermore is doing right now. Parang i-pu-push na talaga nilang maging permanent loveteam and LizQuen. Pero sana hindi diba?

Hay, sometimes naiisip ko na tumigil na sa pagiging fan ng JulQuen. Pero hindi ko kaya. They’re the first LT that I ever supported and I think no matter what happens, forever ko na silang mahahalin na dalawa.

Will they bring back JulQuen? I really miss them already.


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