​It has been a while since the last time I posted an entry here. And since this is my fangirling page, I would like you all to meet my new OTP

Kisses Delavin and Edward Barber a.k.a KISSWARD.  Both are from Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 teens and are part of the three lucky suns who will still compete to be hailed as the Big Winner of the season. 

Tho they’re not really a love team since both are being paired with someone else, there are still people like me that saw the undeniable chemistry of the two. The pans as what we call ourselves as KissWards supporters/fans are trying our best to make them as an ofc lt. I know its still a long way to go before a pair could become as ofc like KN, LQ and JD.  Well, thats the reason why we keep figthing eventhough at times we are taken for granted (e.g pbb management)
Anyhow, whatever happens, we will still continue to support them, individually (except when being paired with people they’ve been paired now) or as an LT. 



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