Akala ko naka-move on na ako sa dalawang ito pero hindi pala. Siguro ganito dahil sila yung una kung minahal at sinuportaan na love team. Kaya siguro ayaw kong manood ng Forevermore kahit maganda naman ang story nila dahil alam mo ‘yun habang  minamahal nang tao ang tambalan ni Quen at Liza ay nawawalan ng pag-asa na magkasama ulit ang JulQuen sa isang proyekto. I hate to think that LizQuen will be a permanent love team like KathNiel. I don’t like to but I think that will gonna happen.

My JulQuen heart is really bleeding. I miss them both together. Pero walang balak ang management na i-pair ulit sila. Kainis! But what can I do, I am just an ordinary fan. Hindi naman pinapakinggan ng management ang hiling ng mga JQ.

Missing them badly.




Halik sa Hangin


There are only few movie trailers that actually awaken my curiosity. And Halik sa Hangin is one of those. The teaser and trailer are really intriguing that you actually want for more. Na para bang gusto mo na agad mapanuod ‘yung movie dahil atat kang malaman kung paano magiging katatakotan ang isang love triangle. At sino ba talaga kina Gerald and JC and may creepy na side?

The chemistry of Julia and Gerald is also very surprising. Noong malaman ko kasi na si Ge at JC and ka-partner ni Julia in her upcoming movie ay nasabi ko agad na parang hindi naman bagay dahil ang laki nga ng age gap nila and to be honest, I am not a fan of Ge talaga. Pero as I watched their teaser, Gosh! I was surprised that they actually have a chemistry together. Bagay sila.

This movie has been compared to the Twilight Saga of Stephenie Meyer. At parang ganun nga yung feel only that hindi naman vampire si Ge at JC dito. Maybe it’s about their location. Baguio is really such a nice place, either for romance or creepy stories.

 I hope marami ang manood ng movie na ito. Tingin ko talaga kasi e maganda siya. Sana naman maging box office din ito.

HALIK SA HANGIN this January 28 na po!

Official Movie Teaser —–> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxp0f3t6xrA

Official Movie Trailer ——-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctu_95ppfxw

New LT Alert! : SEPHLEX


Joseph Marco

Name: Joseph Cecil Marco

Birthday: October 4, 1988

Shows : Pure Love as Dave Martinez

TBYD 2 : Never Talked Back to a  Gangster as Red

Passion de Amor


Alex Gonzaga

Name: Catherine Cruz Gonzaga

Birthday: January 26, 1988

Shows: Pure Love as Diane Santos

Praybeyt Benjamin 2

Inday Bote

The Voice  season 2


credits to: google; wikipedia



I’ll always be a fan of Pure Love. Either its the original (Korean) or the adaptation (Filipino). I just love the story and the plot twist. I like how each characters gives you the feel. Watching Pure Love is always a roller coaster ride. Every episode is always a surprise. When I first heard that Abs-Cbn will be going to adapt 49 Days (the original title of Pure Love) I was really excited. And then I found out that Alex Gonzaga will be part of it though I wasn’t sure what would be her role. Until other cast were confirmed as well as their characters. I agree Matt Evans fits for the role of the Scheduler. I wasn’t quiet sure about Yam Conception ’cause I didn’t see her act yet before Pure Love was aired. Also with Arjo Atayde, I didn’t watched him before Pure Love. While Yen Santos, I’ve watched her on MMK and gosh she’s good. I knew she can pull Ysabel’s character and I am right. She’s proving that she deserves this break in her career and she really has a place in show business. Joseph Marco on the other hand. Well, he’s quiet my favorite. I just like Joseph and I like him even more because he was portraying my favorite character in Pure Love. And honestly, I am addicted to his love team with Alex Gonzaga. They’re really cute together. I’m happy that he got the role of Dave. He nailed it. Somobra pa nga! Ehehe 🙂

Right now, Pure Love (Philippine adaptation) receives a lot of good feedback from viewers. And seriously, I am not surprised. They’ve done a really good job in adapting the original story. Even though there are a lot of differences they didn’t ruined any element of the original drama. They stick to the plot and even give more emphasis of some details that the Korean drama failed to give. You will appreciate the story even more because of what they add. And gosh, the throwback moments of Diane and Dave are the best. Its funny and super kilig. I think most of the fans will agree that Alex and Joseph have the chemistry together. Actually even Yen and Joseph have a chemistry. Though I stick to Dave-Diane LT. Ahehe. Yeah, favorites.

Anyways. to end this blog post, I just that the Pure Love team will continue to do their best. And, if ever its possible I hope that they can change the ending. If not, well, its okay. At least, make Dave and Diane last moment really kilig and sweet.

Good Nightie 🙂


JulQuen is for Julia Montes and Enrique Gil




I don’t hate Julia Barretto but I’m not a fan either. I don’t really mind she’s paired with Quen right now. But what really irritates me is when her fans used JULQUEN as their fan groups name. Come on, I’m sure her fans knows that JULQUEN belongs to Julia Montes and Enrique Gil right?  Can’t they just used another name? QuenLia is a good name. They should stick to it and leave JulQuen to JM and EG’s fandom. 

At saka huwag namang paasa ‘yung mga tao dyan. Kapag sinabing JulQuen dapat Julia Montes at Enrique Gil okay. And please,when introducing Julia,either of them, sana naman lagyan nila ng last name para hindi malito ‘yung mga fans. Nakaka-asar kasi kapag hindi ‘yung Julia na ini-expect mo ang nakita mo eh. 

#JustSaying #TrueNaman

Diary ng Panget the Movie Insigths

I should have posted this ions ago but then I got so busy and can’t find time to write. But here it is…

Story-wise, medyo sablay but I’m not saying that the movie isn’t good. It’s just really disappointing not seeing the scenes that you expected to see in the movie.Especially the boy bawang, I really expect to see that but well, never mind.  Pero nabawi din naman nila iyon dahil nakuha nila ang element ng book na nakakatawa. Sa mga gumanap naman, just like I’ve said on my previous post. The characters fits for them. Especially, Nadine Lustre who owned the character of Eya very well. James, still, I stick on what I said, he is Cross himself kaya lang medyo sablay yung mga tagalog lines niya. Yassi on the other hand, I like her fashion. Ang ganda-ganda niya sa movie at okay lang naman ang pag-act niya. Si Andre naman, well considering it’s his first time, okay lang. Nakakatawa din naman siya though minsan o.a ang acting niya but then again he’s just new. Let’s all give him a chance.

It may not be well-adapted (Just like any adaptation) but I really honestly think that the movie is good. It’s a job well done for all the makers. And Congratulations to Denny! It’s a success!


Diary ng Panget the Movie!



To be honest, when the cast was revealed I’m kinda worried if they can give justice to the characters and to the story itself. I’ve read the book and I know how good and funny it is. So as a reader and a fan of the book, I’m a little bit doubtful if the movie will turn out to be as good as the book. I don’t want it to end up like any other movie adaption. Sayang kasi! But seeing the official movie trailer just awhile ago, I think that they did a good job.

The trailer was really funny and very interesting. The four lead stars fits the role of each of the characters. James Reid suits the character of Cross Sanford. He has that aura that so Cross-ish. I mean just look at James and you see Cross Sanford alive. While going to the girl who’ll play as Eya Rodriguez. Yeah, that’s Nadine Lustre. Honestly speaking, I never imagine her playing as Eya. I’ve watched her once when she is still paired with Aj Mulach and….sorry she didn’t made any lasting impression on me back then. But seeing her in the trailer of DNP, well, I change my mind. She’s good. I love how she played her role. She’s funny, really really funny. And James and her looked good together. Bagay!  And going to Yassi Pressman, I know how good she is when it comes to dancing but I never seen her act but I guess she fits the role of Lory. Andre Paras who will play as Chad, the cool guy who loves Lory and the high crush of Eya, is the true newbie when it comes to acting. I have no opinion with this guy. Let’s just see how will he give justice to Chad’s character.

I know many people especially teens are excited about this movie. And yeah, I am one of those. I really can’t wait to watch. So here are some of my favorite scenes yet. This one is based on the trailer that by the way I watched three times. Opps, I think it’s four times already. Hehe.

1. When some girls said ‘Ambitious frog’ and Nadine said ‘Kookak’ then jump like a real frog. I just find it funny.

2.When James give Nadine fifty pesos then she shout on him. Like duh~ she just shouted her boss or shall I say alaga?

3. When James said ‘Pag di ka dumating. Patay ka sa’kin!’ then Nadine just stuck her tongue to James. It’s cute.

4. The bed scene. Opps, don’t get me wrong it is not the bed scene that you think. It’s a wholesome scene, I think. Hahaha.

5. The walis fight.

6. When James told Nadine she’s beautiful and the latter ‘eat’ the crumpled paper she’s holding. Haha. Its both kilig and funny scene.

7. And lastly, my most favorite scene that I can’t get over… when they were soaked in the rain and James hugged Nadine and said “Huwag kang maarte. Hindi ka maganda!”  I love how he said it. It so Cross. Hehe.


Here’s the link if you want to watch the full trailer of DNP —-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCSKS3iurdk

credits to the owner of the photo.